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[NA][WvW] HART is Recruiting All WvW Players! =]

Aaron Stone.5918

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Hey everyone!

HART is recruiting new/returning/vets for World vs World on DarkHaven. A launch guild built around playing WvW from the start, we're filled with vets and new members alike. 

World vs World is often seen as a high barrier entry game mode, and may even be thought of as an afterthought to traditional PvE.
Many new players will enter the mists and follow public commanders around and have fun for a while, only for it to fizzle out slowly. Whether it's from a thankless (or angry) commander or a lack of direction personally, the modes many rewards and fun is lost before it's even discovered.

Our guild isn't about screaming at you for doing badly or expecting new players to be the best overnight. On the contrary, it is very much a community, open to anyone who is really wanting
to try WvW, because they've heard it's amazing or seen YT and can't believe that their missing out on something so incredible. So how do we help one overcome this 'high entry barrier'?


 We run meta builds that have easy to learn playstyles, with low entry barriers and keep the pressure on the group as a whole, instead of singling out the new person for making natural mistakes. Think of the guild like a team for WvW: our main goal is to develop you overtime as a player (and maybe even make some friends :)). Along the way, you'll be earning the currencies and tokens to get the gear and equipment you'll need to be next level great. But the experience along the way will make you even more powerful
Of course, our discord has tons of resources and guides like many guilds do, but we have members who enjoy doing 1x1 training, theory crafting and tons of other things, that a lot of
guilds claim to have but under deliver with.

On a more personal note, I've played with HART for the past four years and I have gained some great friends and found mentors who taught me everything I know. Their bond has kept me coming back over and over again. And with End of Dragons coming out this coming February, as well as potential WvW Overhauls, the hype is fever pitch in our guild.
I know they, and myself would love to help people interested in WvW get to that same milestone and reach their goals :)

Playing with us is as simple as joining our discord and transferring over to the Darkhaven solo so that we can start rolling. We have dedicated raid times during the EST time zone,
and below are just some of the classes we are looking for. While not required, it is important to try to branch outside your comfort zone! :)

Be sure to whisper me or anyone in the chat when you join so we can assign you a role and get things going!

Server: DarkHaven
Mode: WvW
TimeZone: EST
Desired Classes:

Healbrand & Support Scrapper are most needed for Support roles

Scourge, Power Rev, Spell breaker, Power Core Guardian|DH are most needed for DPS roles


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Spent the past few days grinding out WvW with a ton of new people! Last night we had an epic 12 hour run in the mists, with a full squad of 50 people (both guests, new and returning members). 


If you're still hesitant, I encourage you to come on in and take the leap! I've often been weary to join guilds in MMOs but I promise you, this will not be a mistake!

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Have our weekly raids going on the 25th (tonight), the 26th and Saturday. Definitely get that transfer in if needed and come play with us! 


Here's a bit of group play from the other night. A lot of new members and I took a tower after a long battle haha. (I rarely command but they performed really well for most of them being new or returning. Definitely proud of them :))


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