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SMS authenticator and also Support Ticket.

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I am aware that theres a few Threads about the SMS authenticator but my case is slightly different so i thought i'd make another.

So last week i bought a new Computer. And played Guild Wars 2 fine for the past few days. However today it suddenly asked me for a SMS authentication on both my accounts.
My alt account worked fine. However my main account isn't receiving any code.

I find it a bit odd, Because isnt the 2 factor ment to step in the moment i logged in on my New PC? and not a week later??

I'm a bit sad now as over the past few months i had been farming Gold and getting gems with them for these Anniversary Gem store sales. I'd be gutted to miss out on deals just because i won't receive my SMS authentication and Support will take 4 days to answer..

So about the Support ticket. I wrote an Anonymous ticket as obviously i am unable to log onto my main account and i felt they might get it wrong if i submit it on my alt account.
However after writing my ticket i haven't gotten any confirmation mail or anything so i'm not quite sure if my ticket even went through to them

If anyone has any ideas please let me know ! I'd be very sad if i can't spend my gems after waiting several months for these sales..

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Got back home and noticed i did get an Email, It was roughly 20minutes after creating this Thread lol.

Either way i'll update here and close this thread once the problem is resolved

A bit sad that i'm missing out on these amazing Gem deals now though.

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