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My launcher deletes itself instead of opening the game.

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This afternoon the game was running fine, i went to work, came back. Launcher was gonne.

Went to the downloads folder, wasnt there.

Tried downloading it again, told me i needed permissions to download it to my download folder (I am the only user in this pc), downloaded it somewhere else, Launcher opened, downloaded the game, i login, click play aaaand the launcher deletes itself, i try downloading it again, new folder i downloaded it to says i need permissions to re-download it to it again.

Delete the folder, download it again, rename the installer GW2-64.exe (i was reading other posts at this point), launcher opens, downloads the game (again), i login, i click play, launcher deletes itself again.

I have spent the past 5-6 hours trying to fix this by myself, i have read about 10 other posts with issues similar to mine, i have fully removed Guild wars from my PC, uninstalled everything, deleted temp files, downloaded the game about 5-6 times. Please help

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