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[NA] [LFG] Social Night Owl LF Late night guild


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I'm grooveghast, nice to meet you! I'm trying to find a late night guild that I can get involved with. I don't have much end game experience, but I like to figure things out and have a great time doing it. I only have 2 classes at 80 so far (I'm trying to figure out which one I really want, forgive me!), but I'm fast to level if it's for the right group of people. I'm a fan of all types of humor, I have thicc skin, but I know when to draw the line and be appropriate about certain topics. Hopefully I sound like an interesting player to recruit 😛 


My times for weekdays are pretty much after midnight (EST) due to my work schedule, but I have Fridays and Saturdays off to be online whenever events happen. I also like to use voice chat. I'm just a fan of communication. Oh and my discord is Sassman#4329 for contact outside of the forums. I recommend it since I don't have too much time to play after work. Anyway I look forward to hearing from you 🙂 

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