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[NA] Returning player looking for a PVE/Casual focused, social, friendly, 18+ guild


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Hello! I'm a returning player who is still incredibly new to the game when it comes to dungeons, fractals, wvw, etc. I'm hoping to find a guild that I can grow with, and learn with, and eventually, do all that stuff together someday. I am currently playing a Guardian, and I intend to be a healer/support for our guild missions and such. 

  • I play the game several hours a day, and would love to make friends and have people to hang out with in game. I am in the EST zone. 
  • I would prefer to be in a guild that doesn't just see their members as numbers, but potential friends and family. 
  • A non-elitest guild that is patient in teaching people about the game, rather than making them feel like complete noobs for not knowing everything. 

Please contact me in game and I'd love to hear from you!

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You sound like a great fit for our guild! We have a member currently focusing on leading people new to fractals through them, and many others willing to help out. Dungeon runs aren't uncommon on the weekends either. 


Our guild Tyrs Paladium would like to have you! We are an enforced no drama 30+ adult guild. Casual is king with us, teamwork and enjoyment are a focus point. Long established guild, 14 years strong! NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. We are a mid sized guild, but keep everyone close. Everyone knows everyone in Tyrs!

If you're interested in joining, see below! 

Do some research on us here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/125043/tyrs-paladium-is-hiring-the-30-70-year-olds-guild-na-tyrs

Fill out an application here: https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/?site_game_id=136318

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