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Newly created Guild Pure Feast [PF] is recruiting!


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The newly created guild Pure Feast is still looking for active and motivated members to make a difference in Tyria!

I'm Kiki (Kiki.9576) and I have been playing this game for almost a year now. Throughout my time in Guild Wars 2 I nearly got to see every aspect the endgame content has to offer (Raids, Fractal CMs, Open World, Legendary Crafting, PvP and WvW). So I thought about creating and building a guild with a community since this is something I haven't yet experienced.

We will start by dedicating ourselfes to PvE content (Open World, Fractals, Dungeons, Guild Missions) but ideally we would like to participate in every part of the game so that we can call ourselves a PvX guild. To ensure that the guild remains active, we require that all members log in at least once a week. Joining our Discord server is mandatory so that you are always informed about the updates of the guild!

So if you want to matter and make a difference as a player as well as being one of the starting members in a newly created guild, just send me a message in game or just comment on this post!

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