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Redeem hammer


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 Best results from interdimensional cable, but in this case, internet.

Every hammer skill is 600 range while simultaneously melee range.

Conditions are mainly applied from the 600 range aspect, melee damage is applied from the melee aspect.

One  examples  per element, but the rest can be figured out:

Fire #1 Damage 123 burning 3s range 600, melee damage 123. smacking people up close an personal you get both, same for the rest:
Air #2 Hurricane of Pain, ground targeted 600 range damage (9x): 1234, add on melee + vulnerability  (9x): 1234 in melee range. You can split target damage or stack damage on targets.
Water #2 damage (4x): 1234 chill (4s) range 600, melee damage (4x): 1234
Earth #2 Damage (5x):1234  bleed per hit (8s) range 600, melee damage (5x) 1234

Basically you can be range, but if you want to maximize you get up close and personal for maximum smack. After all, its silly to be swinging around a massive hammer that does nothing
for the actual swing on most abilities. And the #3 skill lasts until Grand Finale is used.

And everyone was happy because conjured weapons had charges and staff was reworked. Lightning staff with actual channeled lightning zapping things to dust.

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