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The Crystal Dragon checkpoint bug (spoiler alert)

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When I finished the second resonance crystal 'instance' and went to third one, I was insta-killed (not downed, no, just insta 'retry from the checkpoint' or 'go back to the world map') when dredge cracked the wall. And somehow I reappeared near the second crystal with no way to go to the third because going there includes using special action button key to fly over Kralk (Caith was on her proper place but there weren't any circle around her and no way to use the special action button). I ran around for several minutes trying to jump off the cliff (which didn't work because it teleports you for being too close to Kralk in downstate instead of killing you, and when I was teleported from Kralk, two times there was something like a portal near me, but it closes faster than you can get from downstate with 4th skill) or die somehow, in the end I did it and was resurrected at the start of the path leading to the third crystal, but then waypoints broke and I wasn't able to reach the dredge breach, so I was forced to die (which means spending time on finding mobs and standing still like and idiot) again, but Crystal Circuit Racer achievement was almost f***ed up with 2 mins left.


Why didn't you just place invisible walls in places where you insta-die because you don't know what will happen next, like wall breaking by dredge tank or places near Kralk when you need to strike his vulnerable spots in this mission too (btw, if you look at him crashing ballistas and go right to him just when he stops moving and game says 'strike his vulnerable spot', you're insta-killed, thanks for that too, it's definitely really obvious and I'm just an idiot sandwich, right?) but you place them all around for players not to be able cutting their way with Skyscale? Genious move. It's not an 'achievement' if you die to stupid stuff (for example, okay, let's imagine people die if they are hit with big rocks, but why in this instance you die and in open world duirng an event 'Use explosives stolen by ettins to collapse their caves' in Kessex Hills you're just pushed slightly back when boulders fall? Thank for your attention. If there will be any attention, of course.

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