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Direct11X Feedback

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Before I begin, I should mention that I couldn't find an official blog post for this. So, I had to make this, on the offchance a dev sees this.


That said, I do appreciate the hard work because even though I didn’t understand the article. That’s because I’ve played a few MMO’s over the years, and this is the only one that looks modern.

Still, I’ve experienced wicked lag in Lion’s Arch, and a few times during battle. And while that's a little irritating (and maybe a bit of my fault since my computer's 4 years old), what’s more annoying is logging back in from the character select screen and being teleported to the beginning of the zone.


Not to mention, I actually got dropped into water the second time. So, I put in a support ticket. 

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I opted into the direct X 11 beta. Was running great but when doing fractals game crashed a few times. Went back to dx 9 and no issue. 
 Just some feedback as it is in beta.


also I had an issue that I could not click anything in game. Only way to fix was alt tab out. Press control alt delete. Then alt tab back in. 

apart from that dx11 ran and looks great

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