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[NA]🎃Pact of The Mad King🎃 (GW2 Halloween Community)

Clara Starlight.5890

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Pact of The Mad King's main purpose is to bring in awesome tags for Mad King's Labyrinth
during The Shadow of the Mad King's Festival that are easily accessible, and can tag in and out, potentially creating a 24/7 Lab Farm.
🦇Some of our tags run Lab for 12+ hours.
🎃You can come and go as you please.
🕸️We are happy to share the wealth of knowledge on everything Halloween related.
⚰️Annual Halloween Fashion Contest.
🦴Comprehensive Guides
🎃Pro-Level Lab Farms
🦇& Much More!
When the festival is over, we do other GW2 content that is open for the community to join:
🦇Raid Practice 🎃Fractals Strikes 🕸️Strikes ⚰️DRMs 🦴Fashion Contests 🎃Map Completion
The Pact of The Mad King's discord link is: https://discord.gg/fKGtkaS

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