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Powerful Mesmer Zerg Build for Lab Farm (and more)


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Hello everyone

I wanted to take a moment to share a Mesmer Build that I use to farm the Mad King's Lab and other Open World PvE Events.

The build is very good at constantly tagging as many mobs as possible, dealing decent AoE damage and - most importantly - provide Fury, Alacrity and Quickness to your group/squad. It also provides to the CC of your squad.





The build uses Greatsword & Sword/Shield. Stats are full Diviner's with Pack Runes. The GS uses Sigils of Frenzy and Fire to increase AoE capability and reduce cooldowns even more. On the Sw/Sh set Paralyzation and Fire are being used.


Three Wells are being used - Well of Eternity, Recall and Action. These are complemented by Sigil of Inspiration and Time Warp.


Chronomancer is used as the Elite Spec - it brings all the good stuff - Continuum Split, Wells, Quickness on Shatter and the Shield to provide boons, CC enemies and personal protection.

Inspiration is mostly used to increase target cap on Sigil of Inspiration for more boon spread, but it also improves your rezzes and gives some personal healing and condition cleanse.

Domination helps with your clone generation via the GS and it also helps with AoE tagging since it increases the bounces on Mirror Blade. Aside of this, it increases your personal damage output and gives you the ability to remove boons on enemies when you cc them.


You will be mostly on GS. The opener is GS2, than GS4. This will give you 3 clones a few seconds into the battle. Then you can start casting Time Warp and activate Continuum Split before the cast of Timewarp finishes. In Timewarp you cast Well of Action and Recall, Sigil of Inspiration, switch to Sw/Sh and cast Sh 5 - Tides of Time - leave Continuum Split and cast Tides of Time again. If the timing is right, you will get double the cooldown reduction for Tides of Time since you can catch both of the returning waves. From this point on you will use your weapons skills (mostly on Greatsword) to damage and tag and cast your wells and Signet of Inspiration on cooldown. When Continuum Split is off cooldown, repeat the above again - most important is to cast Timewarp, Signet of Inspiration and Tides of Times inside the Continuum Shift. The wells are lower priority. As long as Continuum Shift is on cooldown, you shatter with Mind Wrack as soon as you have 3 clones up to provide even more Quickness around you.


The result of this will be the above mentioned benefits. You are not just a tagging bot, but will provide important boons, damage and cc to your squad! It is also a very active and rewarding build to play. I hope you enjoy!

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