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Unable to install the game - launcher crash

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Went to reinstall Guild Wars 2 on to my system after several years away have have been having no luck actually getting the launcher to work.
After downloading the launcher all it manages to do is install the gw2.dat, gw2.tmp, gw2setup-64.tmp and bin64 folder in whatever folder I've put the installer (have tried on both SSD and HDD) and just sits with the initial splash screen with 0%, then the launcher itself crashes with no error.

Have tried a clean boot, have tried disabling all the system protection and no luck.  


Anyone have any words of wisdom on fixing this?

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I had the same problem; I use Trend Micro as well.  This is what worked for me:

-Download the installer from GW2

-Open the Trend Micro main console.

-Open the "Exceptions" tab.

-Add the downloaded installer as an exception

-Attempt to run the installer.  If you still get the same problem:

-Right click the installer app, and click "Troubleshoot Compatibility"

-Go through all the different options one at a time, and click "Test the Program" when prompted.  Eventually it downloaded the GW2.EXE, but then it would crash again.

-Go BACK to the Trend Micro exceptions, and add the GW2.EXE to exceptions.

-Relaunch the installer - this finally started the game download.

I'm now able to get the game to launch - I can hear the music in the background - but I have no visuals.  Still working on that, I guess.  Will report back when I can get the game to function properly.

Update:  Visuals now working and game running normally when I launch the game from GeForce Experience


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Game now working properly
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