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Sigil of Doom, Leeching and Vision is buggy

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I couldn't find any updated research on this in the wiki, forum or any other source online.

In PvP it's still the same in any circumstances (besides leeching because that one doesn't exist in PvP).

From my observation with many different skill tests and on all 9 classes the conclusion was:

Since the patch there is probably a new "client game state check" in place (PvE & WvW) that works like this:

1) After swap to the weapon with one of this sigils the effect applies as buff as usual.

2) If anything changes to the client game state, then the buff gets automatically removed:

- Stow / un-stow the weapon (in or out of combat)

- Get another buff (has to be an active source, not passive).

- Using any skill that could technically hit any target (example: even if the effect only applies blind).

Remark: Active changes to endurance bar (like dodging) or health pool (like healing) doesn't impact this.

Changing between in-combat or out-of-combat doesn't remove the buff as long as nothing else changes.

This new client game state check was implemented to avoid the usage of out-of combat pre-stacking.

But it is strange that it also effects in-combat behavior in PvE & WvW (doesn't matter how long in-combat).

Is this the new intended behavior or is this actualy partly buggy right now?

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