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daily strike chest endpoint


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It's been over a year (maybe 2?) since strikes were introduced into the game and we still don't have a way to get the daily strike reward chest, the same way we can get dungeons or weekly raids. I thought API development was dead, but I just noticed today that new endpoints for /v2/account/legendaryarmory and /v2/account/buildstorage were recently added, so they are not dead at all.


if strikes are going forward in EoD with CMs, definitely giving some love to the GW2 API for strikes makes sense. Thinks that I would find useful would be:

1. daily completion (gold, silver, bronze)

2. weekly emissary chest orb completion

3. daily strike (actually the already existing daily endpoint could be updated to include strikes, champion, drizzlewood, bjora, grothmar, LS4, LS3)


man it's kinda sad as a developer that loves this game too seeing how the API has been abandoned and wanting to be able to contribute and not being able to 😞

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