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Lunatic inquisition: out of maps plague.


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Dear ANet, can you please put an end to this hideous practice by making all the wall tops in the Lunatic Inquisition game instantly kill whoever walks them?

Honestly, I'm tired sick of afk farmers in that game. You made the old access insta kill players who attempt to climb, but there are plenty of other accesses to the out of map spots, clearly. This year it's even worse than the previous. And while the old one you made inaccessible was actually reachable by ghosts too, the new ones are not, since they require food for swiftness.


I'm totally in for a rework to this activity to make it more fair for both faction (and give equal rewards to both). 

If it's so impossible to make people stop reaching out of map spots, then please, change the way scores work for villagers, so that if they don't actively run around/do events/engage with ghosts, they will simply get no reward.


I hope that this year I could be heard. I'm probably one of the few players who genuinely enjoys this game, that's only available during this festival, and has to be punctually ruined by afk farmers. 

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The wall jumping spots are kind of annoying or upsetting if you have no idea how to get up them.
There are few key spots if blocked off with invisible walls would prevent people from getting out of bounds, unless they position hack.

What I find more disturbing are 2 other bugs.

There is an out of bounds spot that once reached the villager can then drop out of range of ghosts and if followed, by the ghost, the ghost is still unable to stop the villager as you get stuck perma falling and cannot use any skills.

The second I've seen was a villager using a Mesmer portal. They somehow must have obtained access to their class skills, I'm not even sure how that's possible.

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