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Graphical bugs on certain Skins


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I have graphic bugs on some skins that I can't get fixed. Graphicsettings won't change anything to the appearance.

I especially have issues with all Etherbounds-Skins (armor & weapons) and the Sworn Zaishen Helmet and some more.


The issue is that the animation just isn't happening, the animation stands still like on a screenshot. This is how the weapons and armor skins look to me in the game:

Etherbound Greatsword

You might say it's not smart to "prove" animations on a .jpg but there simply isn't anything happening to it on my screen.

I tried graphicsettings, repair installation and reinstallation. Nothing fixed it. What's seems to be the issue here?


edit: this is a short video clip how it looks to me and compared to the Eternity animation and graphic settings. youtube

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