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Armor/Outfit/Dye Issue

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Hello fellow Guild Wars players! 


I've recently discovered a new bug and have no idea how to fix it so I would appreciate any help with it if anyone has any suggestions, fixes, or advice please! 


My character, my armor, and any of my outfits are not the correct colour and no matter what I do (remove all armor and put back on, Gw2 repair, delete old cache files, resetting colour of my outfit back to default, etc) does not seem to fix the issue. I noticed there was an Oct 4 patch for this issue but it seems to not have affected me at all. Are there currently any suggestions or solutions to this please? I would love to wear the new outfits I bought with my colour scheme but I cannot seem to overlay any dye or colour to any armor or outfit.


I dont know how to attach screenshots but I do have some!


Many thanks!

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Hey Stribor for recommendation: check your armor as mine was exactly as Inculpatus suggested! I was wearing the Halloween Oontz Amulet of the Pumpkin which gave me a luminescent glow so check your armor for anything that says it gives you a glow, aura, etc and remove it to see if the colour stays or is removed! Anything infused with a undulating infusion or msot of the halloween trinkets seem to affect your character's look with a glow so for the record for anyone else with the problem: check your gear, specifically any Halloween gear or trinkets and especially with any gear where the description says anything about a glow/aura/etc or has an undulating infusion!  


To Inculpatus: thank you so much! I'm so sorry for bothering everyone with such a simple fix but I hadn't really thought about it as the stats are pretty darn good XD but I want to be able to see my armor and the dyes so I'll have to readjust. Thanks so much for your help! 🙂 

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