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Your characters backstory

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I thought it would be intrastent if we all talk about the backstory we might have made for are own characters and also I can use a bit of help decide what profession there should be or name ideas. I have a mind on what would fit my charters but I would like some thoughts and also I have a character for each profession so total of nine, with three different armor types going into one of the orders so I can get the armor form there. The highlight one are the class I'm landing towards that character

Male Asura Necromancer, Undertaker Seth: A bit of a mad scientist at birth, he was part of the Inquest to work on dead bodies and such but as he got older be being to see that the Inquest would go to far and left the Inquest. While still mad, he try to hold himself from doing truly horribly things that could danger other people and now works with the Durmand Priory.

Feamle Asura Revenant or Guardian, ???: A smart Asura who was blind by a lab accent or by birth, she use her new powers gift to her by the profession to see,

Male Charr Engineer, Ding Fang or ????: A unusually Charr more kind and care of others, Such is offends pick on for that by others of his race but is no push over as he fights with Explosives in the Vigil to keep eveyone save.

Female Charr Elements, ???: A very old Charr who just as roughed and mean as any Charr, Her family was in the Flame Legion but left with they stands on women. Discpated beeing a very old women, she can still hold a sword and elements for the Vigil

Female Human Mesmer,???: A noble women who is beautiful as generosity as she use her magics to entertain people, basically wanting to be the worlds equaled to a pop star. Despite been a center of attached she enters the Order of Shadows think that would the best place for a Mesmer.

Male Human Thief, Hunter or Warrior,???: A street wise human growing up in the streets he dreams of one day become rich.

Male Nord Warrior Guardian or Revenant, ??? The Hero: A short but larger then life Nord, He is full of himself and believes that he will be the greatest hero. The reason he join the Durmand Priory is he believed that there would be the best to record his feats.

Female Nord Warrior or Hunter, ???: A tall and stoic Nord Women, She don't talk that much and a lone wolf for the most part but will come to anyone's needs.

Female Sylvari Thief or Hunter, ???: A full of life and curiosity about the world, while seemly naivete she is eager to learn new things, that why she joined the Durmand Priory.

Those are the brief about what I think for each of my characters. Tell me what you think, like what class would fit them and fell free to tell people here what story you made for you charters in game.

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