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Untamed Pet's AI bugged: Pet no longer uses any skills while the Untamed elite spec is slotted.

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When the untamed traitline is slotted, the pet will replace it's attack ai with a weak, periodic melee attack and do nothing else.


I understand that some of the pet's skills become on command only like the special command pet skill, but this means that the pet will do nothing unless it is micromanaged. 

The biggest issue with this is that when the pet is unleashed, it is not able to use any of it's skills since you can't even give it skills commands in this state. all of the skill commands are replaced by generic untamed skills, but any pet specific buffs from being in the unleashed state are rendered completely useless due to the fact that the pet will no longer use it's normal skills.


Honestly, the best fix for this is to let the pet use it's normal ai while unleashed (though having it not use them while not unleashed is still a huge issue), taking advantage of it's toolkit and skills, which is the reason anybody choses their specific pet. There would already be a tradeoff, since they pet's special skill command would be replaced by the unleashed state's special skill commands. 


Personal commentary (a personal review of the pet side of the spec as it stands):

As a side note, you are no longer able to make your pet "attack my target" while playing untamed, which means you lose all control over your pet's target if your pet's special command skills are on cooldown. I'm personally not sure why the pet's command bar was replaced by what it is while not unleashed, it seems the whole pet interaction of the unleashed was butchered and in many cases rendered worse than core ranger's pet. It's truly sad to see this for the "pet focused" elite spec, I haven't met a single person who isn't disappointed with the pet overhaul. Every person who I've talked to says they see no reason to unleash the pet because of how little return it gives compared to having the ranger be unleashed. in most cases, people will play ranger unleashed and swap to pet unleashed for the minimum time possible. The problem is that the "pet focused" elite spec was supposed to encourage people to have their pet unleashed and then unleash themselves to deliver the "killing blow". in general, the pet part of the elite spec has to have an overhaul for it to be different than Soulbeast in anything outside of flavor. 

Edited by Zinerith.5203
separating the section containing objective feedback on the bug from personal feedback about the elite spec.
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