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Beta Feedback

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Beta opinion, I have to say, Anet gave us something new. None of the new specs are what we are use to. It's refreshing, learning new mechanics to play a profession you have played for a long time.

I have tried all of them and my opinion on the new specs is such ( from heavy to light armor)

Revenant: The new spec is interesting but   a lot more complicated to understand than the last 2.

Warrior: As I don't really play War, I can't really say anything about how different it feels to the previous 2 elite specs.

Gardians: I am not convinced about a heavy armor thief jumping around.

Ranger: I like the hammer, the new skills on pet when in unleashed is awesome but I would of love it more if Anet would of allowed some of the older weapon skills to have an unleashed option. Other than that it's pretty good.

Thief: I don't really play thief, but I love the new spec, feels like a very jumpy necro.

Engi: I was never an engi player until today, trying the new spec was like "wow" the meca feels great and is super powerful. Love it to bit.

Mesmer: I enjoyed the new animations on the skills ( must love purple though) it feels great and the fact that we don't have to play with clones anymore is a big change.

Ele: I think I will keep my Tempest, not that I don't like the hammer but the mechanics are really hard to understand.

Necro: love it as I play main Necro but don't think I will use the potion very much. It doesn't feel right with it.

Thanks all and enjoy Cantha.

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