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Returning Late Night [NA] Player Looking for Guild.


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Hello, with a resurging interest to play this game I've come in search for a group of people to actually play it with. I am a late night NA player who would typically be on from 1 AM to 4 AM EST. I've played GW2 on and off for many years but have not actually done that much in terms of content, not a single fractal or raid nor ever been in a guild. I'm looking to correct that! The activities that interest me most are the aforementioned fractals and raids but I also am interested in WvW and would be willing to server transfer for the right fit. The atmosphere I fit into best is something adult but goofy, somewhere to decompress after the day by fooling around with in game content. I'm not sure if profession matters but the character I find myself playing most is a warrior and I look forward to playing it in the upcoming expansion.


If I seem like I would be a fit for your community, please contact me. I'm eager and looking forward to experiencing what this game has to offer.

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