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DirectX 11 task switching

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I am used to hitting Ctrl-Esc from GW2 to minimize the game and view forums, walkthroughs, etc. When I enable the DX11 option, this no longer works. Ctrl-Esc brings up the start menu, but GW2 doesn't minimize, and the mouse is constrained to the GW2 screen. I'm hoping this is fixable and not a "feature" of DX11. I haven't had any other problems with the DX11 support, and it definitely increases performance.

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Actually it looks like both Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Esc partially work for the primary monitor. The GW2 window doesn't minimize, but you can work with other apps on the primary monitor. The problem is when you try to move the mouse to the second monitor. If the mouse passes over the GW2 window, it gets "captured" and then it's constrained to the GW2 window. If you Alt-Tab or select an application on a secondary monitor you can't interact with it because the mouse won't move over there.


One odd thing, if you have a window on the primary monitor, and you drag it so that it also extends to the second monitor, you can move the mouse over it and "escape", because the mouse never passes over the GW2 window.


I hope this makes sense.. 😀

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