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Few issues seen last night during the beta

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So I hopped on the to check out the beta - here's a few issues we noticed.
1. Our small guild was split between servers. The guild was assigned to server 'A', me and a few members got assigned to server A as expected. the leader a few others were all assigned to a different server 'B'. I guess this is the main one most people experience.

2. It is so confusing to figure out the map you are on. There 3 different things showing for checking your map.

a. if you check the guild panel it will say players are on "server A alpine BL"
b. if you press M and look at a map's name it will say for example "server B alpine BL"
c. if you hover over an icon - for example the garrison - it will say that the objective belongs to 'server C'

3. Me and 2 other guild members got the same map - on blue bl. (lets say members A B and C). we could see each other on the map and everything.
3 other guild members also went on blue bl, but they were in an entirely different matchup (lets say members D E and F).
when looking at guild panel to check - we could see that map names as follow:
Members A B D E F were on the same name map. 
Member C was on an entirely different named map in the guild menu - but in reality he was on the map with members A and B. -> so guild panel is kinda completely broken.. but........
What is weird is members A and B could see their blue dots on the map/mini map.
But members A and B could not see member's C blue dot on the map even when standing right next to each other.

4. Map colours do not match the color of who actually owns the objective. It seems the only way to tell which colour team owns the objective is the supply depot.
MY speculation is the colours we see for objetives are coming from activity on the same map but from another matchup
example if in "tier 1" blue side flips bay on blue bl... in "tier 2" this will visually reflect - blue bl bay will become blue.... however in reality the objective will not change ownership. only visually on the map.

Last thing - And I dont know if I was drunk or what... but a yak left a camp that had green icon, and blue colour supply depot (so likely owned by blue) 
The yak was blue colour on the map. 
The yak was walking towards hills which had green icon and supply depot...
half way to hills.. the yak changed colours (and teams) and became green on the map.....

That's all I can remember off the top of my head right now hope this helps even a bit...... good luck  🙂


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