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Walk of the Plush griffons! (Giveaways and more!)


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Hey hey! 

I am planning on a griffon event next weekend!

-18 Dec EU 20:00 CET
-19 Dec NA 22:00 CET

Walk of the plush griffons is an event hosted by Wing and Hardstuck. We will do fun griffon activities and giveaways for the participants! 
Expect the following:

- Gift packages for every participant
  Includes: mystic coins, wintersday gifts and an exclusive dye
- Racing Griffons with prizes for the winners
- Game of Griffon tag
- Fly practice in snowy maps
- Walking as plush griffons with story time

How to join: 

For EU:  /sqjoin Thy Weeping Willow
For NA: /sqjoin Thy Weéping Willów


For updates about the event you can join the following discords:

          - Gifts will be send in the days after the event -





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