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[NA] Old guy looking for friendly/casual raid training guild.


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I'd really like to get some experience in raiding before EOD comes out, if possible. I've been playing over nine years now. I have raid experience with a large guild from back in my way back machine WoW Cataclysm days, but I wasn't much into it back then, and that mindset carried over with me into GW2. Within GW2, I've only been attached to an inactive friend/family guild that few people log into from time to time, so group content has mostly been LFG/pug endeavors, which hasn't been that bad as I'm a pretty patient person. 

I have one of each profession, max level, and Berserker ascended for light/medium/heavy armors, Berserker ascended weapons for each, Celestial ascended for heavy armor, and Aurora/Vision/Prismatic Champion's Regalia legendaries for trinkets. The remaining ring trinkets are Berserker ascended, but I can pick up new ones, if needed. So, whatever you think would be most useful with any of the combination of the above, I can bring. 

I've been 80% focused on solo content in PVE, and the remainder mixed of fractals and WvW.  I typically log in around 5-8pm MST most nights, but I can make additional arrangements for weekend play.  I certainly don't mind loading up Discord, since I know this will be a requirement for this type of activity.  If there is an alternative voice chat that you all prefer, I'm sure I can manage, as well. 

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Homeless Owls [howl] is a [NA] guild that would love to see you in it! We're a semi-casual, tight-knit, newer group of on average 25-35 year-olds running on general EST times. We frequently do content on strikes, world bosses, fractals, dungeons, and raid training- while also dabbling a little bit in PvP and WvW on the side as well. We welcome players of any experience. Discord is a requirement, and participation in events when you're available is encouraged, as we're a pretty active group!


[howl] Casual-Semi Casual // Discord required // Friendly and growing // Active // Helpful // PvX, Raids, Strikes, Dungeons, and More // Weekly activities // 18+ //



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Oh man you are the perfect demographic that I personally look into for our guild. I teach a lot of the end-game stuff to our folks, particularly focused on a guild raid static that runs friday and saturday. Our guild has a 30+ age requirement to join. We also have a discord for coms! You seem to bring an excellent mindset to the world of end-game. Keep in mind that our guild is primarily social/casual, but there are opportunities for those interested in end-game. 


Tyrs Paladium would like to have you! We are an enforced no drama 30+ adult guild. Casual is king with us, teamwork and enjoyment are a focus point. NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND. We are a mid sized guild, but keep everyone close. Everyone knows everyone in Tyrs!

If you're interested in joining, see below! 

Do some research on us here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/125043/tyrs-paladium-is-hiring-the-30-70-year-olds-guild-na-tyrs

Fill out an application here: https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/?site_game_id=136318

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