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[NA] [PvE] Project Knighthood [KNHD] Small, friendly guild looking for more members.

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[KNHD] is a small community looking to build our gw2 core in anticipation of EoD's release. We offer general PvE, Daily Fractals, and just chilling out.


What to expect with KNHD:

- Active and Organized Discord

- Daily Fractals & CMs

- Level 63 Guild Hall

- Festival Guild Events like Halloween Costume Contests, etc.


What we are looking for:

- Active, friendly and mature individuals looking to make lasting connections.

- Use of discord is preferred, mic is not mandatory.

- No elitism or harassment, we welcome all members at all levels of play! How to Join:


Contact us on Discord at Will#5017 | Solstice90#7521 or contact us in-game at Will.2567 | Dreaminspace.2638. If you have any questions or want to know more about us please reach out!

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