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The Ancestor Tree Event

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"The Ancestor Tree" event completion is required to simply talk with Meikka (usually for the The "Convergence of Sorrow" Collection), this "meta" event require to complete 2 single events with a time limit of 3 min each, in the first one "Find the djinn vessel before the Brandstorm overwhelms the area" you need to "long" interact with many items on the site surrounded by Jacaranda, Iboga, Rock Gazelle, Sand Lions, Branded Devourer, Branded Earth Elemental, Branded Griffon, all togheter that stun, pull, attack you while you interact rendering the event almost impossible to do, the event also often bug ending earlier and the only way is to have a fresh map after reset, the second event "Prevent Brand energy from overwhelming the area" you have to kill many "Brand Crystal" surrounded also by the same npc above with also the 3 min time limit.
These events are not "group event" but not only they are impossible to be done alone (maybe only with a stelth profession the first one, but really it's hard) but also very difficult with a little group,  this will make impossible to progress the collection also because you only need to do it for this reason, unlike other map events and this only to "talk" with that NPC.
Could be possible to fix this collection/event to make it doable? mainly for the future when the map will be less used, thank You.

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On 1/13/2022 at 3:46 PM, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

From the Wiki:

It is recommended to bring stealth or clear out the enemies in the area prior to the event.


Best to try stalled events immediately after patch/release. 

Good luck.

Exactly, but i think it's just something to avoid the fact that the event "could be" fixed so it can be done without shortcuts that imply you have a specific profession or skill, it's not the only one that suffer of bad design

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