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USA [FRAC] A Fractal Only Guild [ T4's and Recs Daily ][Healbrand/Scourge/Alac Rev Only] Is Recruiting


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BATMAN.6794 to Mail/Whisper for invite.

We run at Daily Reset everyday. [ Form up groups a couple minutes before hand ]

We run only Healbrands, Alac Revs, and Scourges currently [ Will adjust if needed if balance is changed significantly ]

We run only T4's and Recs, NO CM's.

We are currently around 20 members and are able to get 1 full group and sometimes a 2nd partial group going daily.

We are looking to grow big enough to be known, but not big enough to not know our guild mates. [ 50-75 members seems reasonable 100 max? ]

We have a discord, it's not required, it's there for build reference and video guides mainly. [ voice channels for people who would like to be more organized ]

Group comp's generally look like... [ Group 1:  1 Healbrand, 1 Alac Rev, 3 Scourges ] or [ Group 2:  2 Healbrands, 1 Alac Rev, 2 Scourges ]

You do not need to have all 3 classes to join, just 1. [ the more you have the better though ]

If you read all of that, are still interested, and are tired of bad pug groups, join us. [ Mail/Whisper BATMAN.6794 for an invite, include your account name in Mail please ]

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  • BATMAN.6794 changed the title to USA [FRAC] A Fractal Only Guild [ T4's and Recs Daily ][Healbrand/Scourge/Alac Rev Only] Is Recruiting

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