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Core vs berzerker vs sb, wvw, pvp ?


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Not sure I understand, there are plenty of builds being available all around, most of which being viable for small scales battles. The play styles vary accordingly. For instance, you can play either power, hybrid or condi, varying weapons and to a lesser extent utilities (stances still dominating). The play styles vary accordingly:

  • Core power str/def/dis with GS/axe/shield, GS/Bow, GS/Hammer, GS/Mace/Shield, GS/Sword/Shield, Hambow...
  • Core condi old school, either arms/def/dis or tac/def/dis, bow/sword+X, possibly with shouts, or str/def/dis for condi-CC...
  • Berserker power def/dis/zer, GS/axe or GS/mace, or gunflame...
  • Berserker hybrid, the Tarcis one gs/mace,
  • Berserker condi, def/dis/zer macebow, or sword/torch/bow, some even playing str/def/zer (no dis),
  • Spellbreaker solo power, def/dis/spe GS/dag/shield, or wvw boon stripper GS/hammer, or even str/dis/spe attempts (inferior though),
  • Spellbreaker condi: haven't tried, but no reason it shouldn't work...
  • Many gimmick builds...

Each of these has a specific gameplay, one has to maximize the value of the builds. If you want to compare the standard core power warrior (infamous dodge warrior) and the meta pvp spellbreaker power warrior, then there are differences in the gameplay, e.g. the former getting lots of values from dodges (Reckless Dodge) and might building (Might Makes Right), the second being more attentive with counters and interrupts (more durable).

There days I certainly prefer the GS/Axe core power warrior, never disappoints, always brutal yet resilient... Pretty sure I've made many players eat their keyboards in WvW with that one :)

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I have over 6k hours on war, i made each and any build you talk of. All those variations "work" sometimes, but its clear fact that u cant dispute, when u see any war in wvw that is not using gs/axe core(dagger sb) , u know u already won "build" fight. On other hand that main core war playstyle did not changed at all.

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