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End of Dragons QoL idea

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Right firstly I want to say EoD is great and I'm loving it so far. But there are 3 things that would make this so much better.


  1.  Resurrection protocol - Please add a new number to press, I don't want to waste it and have to wait 10 mins because the game decided I have no choice but to use it rather than letting me use the usual Bandage skill.
  2.  Story, allow the player to skip audio logs and dialogue same as with previous stories. On my 4th play through I don't need nor want to hear about the 

    God kitten Aetherblade stuck in the mists.


  3.  Please allow people with turtles to hop into the gunner seat, I'm fed up of people that either can't or won't listen using up all my ammo and mastery skills then buggering off only for someone else to hop on 30 seconds later and repeat.


Resurrection protocol is amazing, shame it basically says if your not a ranger and you don't want to waste it you die.


The story I can understand fair enough, after 10 years of story telling you want the player to experience it all but for god sake, it's droning noise after the first or second playthrough. talk to X NPC and tab out for 5 minutes while they ramble.


The Turtle Mount is also freaking awesome hard to steer but I think that's the point, it's also great that they added the ability to let anyone party member or not ride as a gunner, now if only they could make it so gunner/driver could swap seats or a skill to temporarily make it a solo mount. I do genuinely love the idea of a tandem mount but you also have to consider the amount of  people that just like to screw with people.


If any of this is already possible please let me know.

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