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Kaineng Overlook Strike — Zipline auto-unmerges Soulbeast from pet

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During the Kaineng Overlook Strike:


When my Soulbeast (merged with pet) rides the zipline to go up and down the platforms,

when she reaches the other side,

the Pet is unmerged automatically.


I wondered at first if it was just me accidentally pressing my pet merge/unmerge keybind. But when the fight has us ride the zipline for the next phase, it unmerged on its own again. Maybe other Soulbeasts can replicate this? (To make sure it’s not just a problem with my set-up.)


It causes problems since there’s a few seconds of cooldown before we can re-merge with the pet. (Some traits, stats, and skills depend on being merged.)

It would be great if we weren’t unmerged at all by the zipline.

(PS. I have faith the ANet team can fix this since you all
fixed the Soulbeast unmerge when going underwater before.
Hope it’s not much to fix the code! 🥳)

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1 hour ago, Memeren.1057 said:

Ziplanes do that all over EoD. It's not just you. Using ziplane unmerges soulbeast from pet. But it's not as bad as necromancers minions, they just get killed.


Thank you. Glad these are known issues then. 🤔

Necromancer: “Rights for minions!” 😆

Kidding aside, it sounds like the problems when mounting/dismounting was new. 😅

Let’s hope that these will be addressed in the polish builds, hahaha.

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