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Asura rig broken... Again...

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Ok thanks for the shield fix on Asura but now... the rig look like it want to die XD


First, mace mainhand as an offset from the hand... The mace handle is cliping threw the arm just a little bit over the hand.


Second, speech bubble and commander tag are at the Asura fert not over his head, wich is really really weird and somewhat breaking as some strike/raid mechanic need you to see the symbole over your head to warn you about mechanic.


Also bonus meme... My rune, the most valuable rune ever as a huge bug... the rune of the golemancer seem broken, the golem does not do his whirling assault skill anymore. 


Like the fix you did for the shield I will buy gem when those bug are gonna get patch...



but all in all, keep up the good work and thanks for this AMAZING expac!!!

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