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Builds: Playing Around


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I'm aware of the meta builds, but I still like to play around with playing different builds from time-to-time. It's part of my jam. So I figured I'd share a few I've been playing around with and maybe have some discussion around them if anyone is up for it. I'll name and number each one to make it easier to reference.


(1) Signet Mirage - http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAYx/lRwOYJMEmJesT7vKA

In a condi-heavy meta, having multiple cleanses isn't a bad thing. It also has good access to distortion which, in this spec, is providing aegis to self and allies as well as enabling ambush attacks so you can be getting off more Chaos Vortex for that Alacrity and other goodness. There are a few major traits in there that could definitely change per taste (ex: swap Sympathetic Visage for Medic's Feedback). I really like the mobility from having Staff, Sword, and Jaunt. I do miss having Blink's long teleport range and there's only one stunbreak which is rare for me on my Mesmer builds. Maybe drop a Signet for Blink or whatever suits to taste.


(2) Chrono Alacrity Interrupter - http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAYt7lVwoYJMOWJOuPetOA

Punish people more when you interrupt them (Vulnerability x8, non-crit Strike damage, Weakness, Slow, longer CD on interrupted skill) and reward yourself with interrupts and shatters with alacrity and reducing the cooldown on a random weapon. Basically want to keep interrupting your opponent while you reduce your cooldowns. Can be challenging depending on the cast times of your targets skills and how spammy, etc. they play. Definite room for swapping some traits here as well (example: swap out Improved Alacrity for Illusionary Reversion). You could swap in Blink instead of Clone. Could swap out Shield for really any off-hand. I think the weapons could even be swapped to whatever you favor as each off-hand comes with an option for interrupting as do both 2H weapons so all play into the concept.


(3) Core Interrupter - http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAYtrjVYUWixhj7y5xD-e

Also punish people more when you interrupt them. More focus on that as you take both Domination and Dueling so that interrupts are providing the Vuln, Weakness, non-crit strike damage, blind, and confusion. Pistol is reducing its cooldowns with interrupts and Chaos is giving you the reduced cooldowns as well. No alacrity as per the Chrono though. Again, you could swap out the weapons, etc. per taste and keep the core concept.


Just different builds with different ways to play (granted 2 and 3 are similar concepts).

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