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Helping a new Ranger player


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Hello guys, Ranger is not my main class so im here to ask for guiding:


Situation: Girlfriend just started playing the game as a Ranger, we've decided that i'll buy HoT once she completes LWS2, then PoF after she complete LWS3, then EoD after IBS. This means that she'll be playing Core Ranger and Druid for a loong time. I plan to start Fractals with her ASAP to start teaching group content and grinding at least until T2, but i want her to learn the mechanics and not just play with a class for a while for then forget it for a new one (like Soulbeast for example), so she will be focusing Druid Support


Question: With a bit Open world and Fractal in mind, what build should she play? Remeber that she is a new player, so no HoT ascended stats for now. I saw some builds on Metabattle:

1. Carrion Core Condi Ranger for her to play Open World (sounds similar to Condi Druid and might be better than Power DPS?)

2. Boon support Druid Condi Healer (the Spirit variant, for Group content like Fractals)


I need an easy to play build but decent enough to have a spot on Fractals. I don't see Sup/Heal Druids anymore on my T4 runs so i wonder if they are outdated.

Pls help, im lost T_T

Thanks in advance

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22 minutes ago, xenothelm.8943 said:

If she’s always going to be playing with someone in OW, the boon support build could be a one stop shop. Otherwise I’d recommend using the core build in OW, and the druid build for fractals.

So like using Condi druid in OW with some damage traits and Poison/Sharpen in OW while going full spirit and healing gear in Fractals? (until full harrier or plaguedoctor)


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