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Trance Stone item unable to be salvaged

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I might be doing this wrong, but I can't see any other way to use this? I brought the stone, unlocked the collections, and it notes on the tooltip "Salvage for karma." Seems simple enough right? I'm not actually able to salvage it with any of the kits, the prompt saying it's a "very valuable piece of equipment" comes up, I press "accept" and nothing happens each time. No karma, no item dissapearing, no kit uses lost. Tried to salvage it with each of the base salvage kits, the mystic kit and the black lion kit, all have the same effect.


Seems to be similar to the bug that happened when EoD released when random items came up as salvageable but wasn't? Was this perhaps caught up in the crossfire and missed? Doesn't seem like an item people will be using often.

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