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Old bugs - Still bringing the pain

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With the release of EOD we expected some bugs & teething problems. But what we go is far worse...


So as part of some EOD collections we are directed back to old content & events. Events that have been bugged for like 10+years - So I assume that they would find events that had no problems in the past. NOOOO WAAAAY, says ANET :- Remember Lunt!, we decided that it was necessary to LOCK a collectable behind his event.


Yes you remember LUNT, the dude from Wayfarers Foothills. The guy who smokes a cave out. Except those of you's that remember will recall how THIS EVENT HANGS after 1 trigger & then stays bugged until the next server reset.


Good luck getting that collectable folks as its STILL BUGGED 12 years into the game.


Anets decision to use this unfixed event - beggers belief.

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