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Unusually low Frame Rates from Jade Sea meta

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I rarely see any mention of frame rates in discussions about the Jade Sea meta, am I the only one getting abnormally low frame rates compared to other zergs?

These were all with the same graphics settings (char model limit/detail low), in Bjora Marches during Drakkar with a zerg of 46 people I get 30-35 FPS.    Drizzlewood boss battle I was getting 40 FPS with zerg of 35 people, Jade Sea boss battle I'm getting 18-20 FPS with 50 players.   Dragonfall I run around with 27-38 FPS with a 39 person zerg.


This meta seems to lag considerably more then all the others, and its not from the spell effects either.   Even before combat starts and any spell effects start flying around, standing on Soo-Won's platform I'm instantly down to < 25 FPS, even though out of combat in a zerg in the above-mentioned zergs I usually get back up to 40-45 FPS.

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