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[NA][PvX] Legends of Nocturnal [LoN] Small, newer guild looking for friendly members!


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What are we all about? Well we are an all around guild who just want to make friends and play together! We do everything from PvP, Open world, Meta Events, Fractals, WvW, you name it. Though it's not required to do any of this :P If you just want to come and hang out that's cool too! We don't currently have a guild hall but that is a goal we are trying to reach! We're looking for people who not only want to play together but people who also want to be part of a friendly community! We welcome chatterboxes! If you are the type to chat it up, you are exactly what we are looking for :D

We also have a discord server and I'd be happy to give you the link in game!

Rules of the Guild

1) Repping is not required though we do require it when doing things together as a guild.

2) Be friendly. Don't troll. We're all friends here so be nice!

3) Role playing is okay but if it starts getting excessive you'll be asked to take it to a party. Not everyone is into role play.

4) Be active. Get on at least once a week. It's understandable if you are trying to take some time off the game, or if you are going on vacation or something just let someone know ahead of time.

Things we plan for the future but have not set a schedule for >.<

1) Guild Missions!!! Being an all around guild, expect guild missions in every game mode. There isn't a set schedule (yet) but if we make plans to do such, we'll make sure everyone knows ahead of time so they can plan for it!

2) Guild Hall!! This is something we are really working for, and want to grow our community a little bit so we can have a large enough group to take on the quest of claiming a guild hall! We also haven't yet decided on the location of our guild hall so your input will matter!

Have a great day! If you're interested go ahead and message me ingame, and if I'm not online, go ahead and shoot me an inbox (I'll check my inbox here but it'll probably be easier to reach me in game!)

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