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Unable to attune Master Vindicator's Ring

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Has anyone else experienced the inability to attune the rings obtained from the new strike vendor? I submitted a ticket and was told that "at this moment the Master Vindicator's Ring does not have the "Attuned" variant". This is currently preventing me from being able to properly run T4's with the support build I main if I use rit gear, which sadly I only discovered AFTER having crafted a full ascended set of rit gear. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same with any of the other profession's ascended "master" rings?

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Same issue for specter, reported it ingame nearly 3 weeks ago with a forum post a few days later and I didn't even get a response about it as you did, incredibly frustrating if you want to play the new stuff in fractals. As mentioned in my post about it, the wiki shows that the only spec with a recipe to attune and infuse their ring is virtuoso

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