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Help me decide a defensive/healing sigil


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I'm trying to get a little more survivability for my Firebrand in PvE zone exploration/events, and I notice there are some sigils that can help me.

  • Sigil of Blood: Chance on critical to steal health (453 heal). (Cooldown: 5 Seconds)
  • Sigil of Mischief: Launch blinding snowballs at foes in front of you when you swap to this weapon in combat. (Cooldown: 9 seconds)
  • Sigil of Draining: Steal life (965 heal) when interrupting an enemy. (No cooldown)

Sigil of Blood seems ok with reliable small heals, but the cooldown is too long. Can at most reach 900 heal every 10s. I'm actually using it now, and will keep it if no better option appears.Sigil of Mischief seems good, yet the blind's duration is only 2s, and has no heal. Not sure if 2s blind can be better than heal in PvE zones (where foes usually don't hit that hard).Sigil of Draining seems great with large heal and no cooldown, but I'm not sure how easy is to interrupt PvE foes. Firebrand's axe has a pull and Tome of Justice also has a pull, but I understand these pulls have to coincide with a foe's action to actually interrupt it and trigger the sigil. In other words, seems just random.

So, anyone has experienced such sigils to help me decide?I'm especially interested on feedback regarding Sigil of Draining against PvE foes. For example, I'm currently using Bow of Truth for a reliable 2000-3000 heal every few seconds. But with Sigil of Draining I could switch to Hammer of Wisdom (knockdown) and still have som heal from interruptions.

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Sorry for not really answering your questin but have you thougt about just using bufffood for the heal?

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Scoop_of_Mintberry_Swirl_Ice_CreamYou can buy it for a few cooper and it heals for 325 on critical hit with a 2 seconds cooldown.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Tropical_Peppermint_CakeAlso just a few coopers and 85 heal every second with no requirement.

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