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A few Catalyst suggestions


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Hi there! I think the Catalyst buffs were really good, the 15 second orb duration and buffs to passives were really helpful and helped hammer flow a lot better. I think Catalyst still needs a lot of work, so here are some suggestions I think that could help out Catalyst. 




Surging Flames - Hit enemies around you with a fire burst leaving behind a damaging fire field. You can use the same radius/animation of earth 1. 

This will help Catalyst keep 10 stacks of Persisting Flames. Currently hammer is the only weapon that can't combo/make use of this trait. Catalyst struggles to keep more then 5 stacks up on a single target. You can see here https://youtu.be/FGZ67w2VUws  Roul only reaches a max of 6 stacks on a target that does not move or fight back


Hurricane of Pain - Remove ground target, make it like earth hammer 2, the storm animation can be on you. It now destroys/blocks projectiles.

Wind Storm - This no longer sends you back flying and instead knocks down the target only now. Keep the range as is

Shock Blast - No longer a projectile, still a ground target. Strike the area with lightning, stunning foes in a radius. Keep the blast finisher. Increase the cast time to 1/2


Hammer is already mostly melee, changing fire 2/air 2 to this will help with the theme of hammer, wanting to be a melee AoE weapon



Fortified Earth - breaks stun now

Relentless Fire/Shattering Ice - I feel like they could be instant, on their own they do not do anything and only enhance your attacks. Weaving them in while casting something would feel better instead of dropping sphere, casting one of these, then using your longer casts on hammer

Deploy Jade Sphere:

Should be like a gyro on Scrapper and increase the radius to match other supports, or make a trait that increases radius to 360 like you did for Engineer for Reconstruction Enclosure

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