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Looking for a Guild that does weekly Raid Trainings


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Hi all.

I have been playing GW2 on and off for nearly 9 years now. Currently very addicted to the game again for over 15months. 
Some short information about me :  Male 28 Y.o. Discord voice comms friendly.  I don't mind helping people with any content.

I currently only have pDPS and cDPS classes set up. Nothing for Support/heal/tank atm sadly 😞

I started my first Raid Training 2 weeks ago and was hooked. I'm trying to find more raiding experience. So if your Guild does Training please let me in ! 🙂


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  • Eddie.8657 changed the title to Looking for a Guild that does weekly Raid Trainings

Hi there! *waves*


Our community and guild does raid trainings twice a week. We currently do a beginner class on Mondays, and a more experienced group on Thursdays. The trainings have been very successful and we'll be adding a third day soon!


If you want to know what our trainings are like, you can check out the VODs on my husband's stream. He, and another officer in our guild, lead the trainings. This was our Adina training from tonight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1446681339



We are very friendly and make sure everyone has fun while learning.  Our goal is for you to leave the training with a ton of new knowledge and applicable experience, while still having fun during the process.


If you're interested, feel free to join our discord and sign up for our next training! 🙂

P.S. We *are* a multi-gaming community, so you'll see other game channels and a lot going on, but GW2 is our main game.


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