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[NA] [PVX] [ZOM] {Raid Training/Semi-Clears, Tarnished Coast WvW, Social Activities}


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Zaishen Order of Misfits is a 18+ [NA] PvX guild looking for active players to join us in the following activities:

Discord is our main voice app and our Guild hub with all the conversation during off games time. All our sign up sheets and documents for the various activities can be accessed through our Discord. You will be missing out if you don't join it ;P. Discord Invite Link can be seen in the Guild message of the day upon acceptance. (Or Message a High Councilman for an invite)

RAIDS- New or veteran raiders are welcome to play/learn in a fun and productive environment. The Raid Schedule is based on a tier system to ensure that you receive the right amount of exposure based on your raid experience: Raid days are

  • Tuesdays 8pm EST- Semi-Clears for Exp Raiders
  • Thursdays 8pm EST- Raid Training
  • Saturdays 6pm EST- Raid Static Team Run
  • Sundays 6pm EST- Raid Training

World Vs. World- We are for the Toast and we shall live by the Toast. As we grow our guild we continue to Provide support for our Server to ensure victory. We do general Havoc during WvW Reset nights and looking into more days to get toasty!!

Chill Activities- As a guild we like to enjoy a relaxing play time or regular chit chat and laughs while we do other activities. With Guild Missions and other activities or just hanging around in voice while playing GW2 or other games, we provide a social environment to chill with friends. Those activities schedule are as follow:

  • Mondays- Days Off- Days used to do non-scheduled activities. but open to various activities
  • Wednesdays 8pm EST- Special Guild Activities: These are various activities that includes Movie Nights, Fractal 40 farms, PvP Fun Play. Special Guild Activities are posted in advance of a Month.
  • Fridays 8pm EST- Guild Mission: Come for the Guild Commendations, Stay for the fun.

For an invite Kindly fill out the application form link below:https://goo.gl/forms/IT7f7FDaWD5QHso72DISCLAIMER This application above is not used for shortlisting individuals, but to assist us in gathering information about the content you enjoy so we can meet your needs.

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