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[Bug] Daily achievement aren't added even if i complete it

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Hello, noticed that the 10 daily point achievement (after completing 3 tasks), aren't added anymore to my total achievement points, they are stuck at 23.468 and do not move anymore.

Is this a bug? If this is a bug please fix it and add my lost point to my total achievement points. This is already a week that i have this bug.Thank you.

ps: This bug emerged after the "end of dragon" launch patch.

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4 minutes ago, SandraSolace.7682 said:

Open your hero tab and mouse over the achievenment points in the top left of the screen. It will show where the points came from so to speak.

It report:
permament: 8.468
daily: 14.167
monthly: 833
Is daily + month to be calculated together? Their sum do exactly 15.000.

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8 minutes ago, SandraSolace.7682 said:

You're close though 😉 


Do you also have monthly points showing up in the top left? They seem te be connected to that total of 15000 aswell.


If it's not that, I don't know what else could be the problem.

Thank you for the info, if the monthly is connected to the daily then make sense, i have exacly 15.000, but if they aren't then is a bug.

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No, it's not a bug! You just maxed out. That's all. But it can be weird if you don't know about the cap.

So it's very logical to want to check if it's a bug or not. At least you can still do the daily, just without the 10 points every day.

Glad we figured it out though!

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