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Missing player character animation

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There is no character animation for the weaver fire/earth scepter skill Fracturing Strike on Asura. Unlike the other races, they just briefly freeze, followed by the idle animation. If running, they just keep running with no animation alteration to it. The other races all use the character animation for Rock Barrier (earth scepter 2), which is also the animation Healing Rain (staff water 5).


Is this bug technically a racial PvP advantage? Sure. But let's squash it anyway. It's a noticeable bug that some players will see every minute if they are playing professon/race combination required.


Assuming the engine isn't put together with chewing gum and rubber bands, this should probably be a 10 minute fix, if that. Its just applying a pre-existing animation to a skill that was supposed to have said animation in the first place.

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