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Halloween daily category response


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Now that Halloween is over I was hoping that https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/achievements/categories/79 would simply return an empty list of achievements. It seems to still show them even though none can be achieved.

Can you please make it return an empty array while Halloween is not active?

Soon, winter's day will probably behave the same. Since special dailies seem to be handled like the living world dailies now this would be useful for apps to automatically detect if these categories are active.

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Was the category in the group while it was active?I saw the Lunar New Year Dailies category (category 102) there and was hoping it could work similarly.

Since special events occur rather rarely it would be an unnecessary hit to the API to check the group every time to see if Halloween is active or not.

Maybe the special array in achievements/daily will be populated again after one of the next updates.

For now the best solution for me looks like removing querying the category 79 altogether and release a new app version. Maybe after wintersday it will be clearer how the new dailies can be handled for special events.

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Yes it was in the daily group.

But the sense of an api is that you can request the state of a resource, isn't it?To not overload the servers with requests is a good manner, but the sense of the servers are, that you send requests to them.

My app does first get all achievement groups, get all categories for all the groups and then, when a user selects a category, it loads all achievements of that category. Groups and categories are cached for an hour so no new request is made when the user navigates back.The achievements are cached for a week or so, because this information isn't changing a lot.

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