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[NA] [Social] Two returners/beginners looking for a small guild

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My partner and I have played GW2 on and off since Beta. We have several 80s but no progression in any form and we're working towards completing Path of Fire currently. We play another MMO (dont know if I can mention it) but it has short raid cycles/ content releases and we're basically vets who have been there, done that, in it. We wanted to find another game to enjoy downtime in and GW2 really fits the bill for us. My partner has started getting into pvp already, myself soon to follow. I'm all about doing anything to unlock glamour/tmogs/ however they're called here. Only problem is we are struggling to find a community where we can fit in. We really, really, don't like giant guild sizes because it feels far too impersonal and conversations are too chaotic. Our best times have been in smaller guilds where we know everyone on a personal level. As far as guild content focus, we don't mind if it's pve only even, just a good community is really all we want.  I don't personally RP, my partner has done RP in the past however and we don't mind hanging out with RP people (we often end up in small guilds of RPers in other games, despite not RPing.) While we raid in our other game, we make a conscious effort to avoid the negative stereotypes that often come with that territory and only surround ourselves with the patient and level headed. We would rather have a more casual experience in GW2 since we do our hardcore stuff elsewhere (during school breaks.) We don't want to feel pressured to join schedulled events (like raids) because we can't commit to them during school semester. We're down to join for general events when we can, though. 


We're in the 25+ age bracket, so a similar age group would be preffered. (That said, we are not interested in the self described degenerate groups if it means constant sexual talk and cursing.) We are PST timezone but MST/CST/EST is fine. Overall, just looking for a home that provides more than just the standard "newbie help", we'd like a bit more reason to keep coming back to the game. 🙂

If you don't mind having two end game know-nothings that ask too many questions, please let us know. We likely have a third and fourth friend on the way as well, who also hit end game in our other game and need a new progression grind. 


I am on Tarnished Coast and I can't remember my partner's server, but we're likely going to move later. Don't know or care where but we want to be on the same server. 



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Hey Spud.... Here is the guild I run with in WvW mainly, but we are gonna start doing Raids and strike missions also, some fractals too. So if this guild is of any interest to you, please feel free to reach out. 


NA [CBo] Crimson Blackout is an easy-going WvW focused guild that loves to fight and is very active. Some of our members also do PvE, PvP, fractals and are always willing to help in these areas. We are based on Sorrow's Furnace server, but open to adding players from other servers with alliances on the way. We have regular class trainings and even 1 on 1 class trainings with our experts if needed. We are a very open, inclusive and respectful guild, where all are welcome.

We officially raid Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9pm cst) and Saturday at 6h00 (pst), 7h00 (mst), 8h00 (cst) or 9h00 (est) but roam and chill the other nights. You are under no obligation to run every night, but ideally, we would like you to run at least 2 nights a week with us. Lately on our roaming nights, we help new guild members get their Warclaw mount, as well as fun nights like all playing Necros or we just did a everyone plays Ranger night, just goofy stuff to have a laugh with.

Please join us on TeamSpeak @ ts40.gameservers.com:9115 This is mandatory. You don't have to talk, just listen for call outs 🙂

We please ask that you rep CBo on official raid nights also.

You are welcome to join our Discord @ https://discord.gg/6e3zHBKZhk we use Discord as a website.

Please feel free to reach out to me in-game at Rantaine.4759 or on Discord at Dguvner#3035

P.S Transfers to SF currently only cost 500 gems, so very cheap and of course well worth it 🙂 Actually its free to transfer if you have never transferred before and it affects no other game mode or your characters, everything comes with you 🙂

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