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Action Camera Keeps Turning Off

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I've been using the Action Camera ever since you introduced it, while I do feel you could improve it, like having a check box in the options menu to have it on by default, for the most part I haven't had an issue with it until today. Before I would log in to game and hit my key bind to toggle it on, it would stay on no matter what map I went to and would only turn off if I logged out or opened a menu, it was smooth and easy to use. Today I encountered an issue where it would turn off (without fail) whenever I went to a new map or even traveled via waypoint. It would also turn off if I opened my inventory or go to the map but not always. I haven't seen anyone else talking about this issue, is this just me or is this a bug with the current build?


I was told that I need to file a bug report in the game but there is actually no sub category for camera issues or the settings menu.

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