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Raid Emboldened Mode is full of bugs

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Here's a batch of raid Emboldened mode bugs:
1. If even a single player has the Emboldened effect, Raid CMs won't give weekly rewards.

2. Emboldened is reapplied to players that enter the raid instance after emboldened is turned off by the group. This applies to players coming in late, disconnecting and reconnecting, and, also, to players swapping characters. This is particularly annoying combined with the CM bug, but is its own bug and is frustrating to players who don't want to raid with Emboldened on in general. In order to remove the Emboldened stack, someone has to go back to the start of the raid wing, turn Emboldened back on and then turn it back off again, which takes a while, given how slow the voting process is.

3. Emboldened randomly reapplies itself after successful encounter clears/kills. For a raid squad that doesn't want to raid with Emboldened, this means that someone would have to potentially go back to the start of the raid wing after each kill to toggle the Emboldened mote twice. That's a massive waste of time.

It would be very nice if ANet could so some more QA for this new feature and fix these bugs. The current feature is a buggy nightmare to use.

QoL suggestions from my perspective as a raider:
A. It takes forever to vote at the Emboldened Mote and you can't interact with the game client properly during voting. It's a massive waste of time for any group trying to interact with the mote. It gets frustrating even if someone interacts with it by mistake.

B. Requiring a commander of a group to trigger an anonymous group vote is also pretty weird. I really wish we could instead have emboldened toggle quickly like the Challenge Mote.

C. Emboldened is a great feature. As an experienced raider that appreciates consistency and challenge, I simply don't want to raid with Emboldened on for my experienced raid static, so being able to turn it off and keep it off is desirable. As a raid trainer though, I would love if Emboldened was reworked to be available as an opt-in, instead of an opt-out, at all raid encounters. This would really help the newcomers I train get their first kills faster.

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