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request - Hall of Monuments content toggle

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@Anet devs -

Please could you implement a toggle/tickbox in the options menu to see or hide Hall of Monuments content in game.

I'm referring to the ranger pets/armour/weapon skins available through HoM achievements.

My gripe is that I am able to collect all the pets as a ranger but in order to get a "full" set, I am required to play a different game entirely. Yes, GW1 is the same IP and I can see how GW1 players appreciate having a a few items available in GW2 as a result of their efforts in the earlier game.

The issue is that I am not interested in venturing into a different game to get pets (or skins) for GW2 and looking at my eternally "incomplete" grid of pets, I would be grateful if these can be hidden by choice. 

The same can apply to the heritage and weapon skins only obtainable through GW1 - we currently have certain weapon sets hidden (like the mythic skins) until acquired, so it would be nice to have the option to hide skins in wardrobe which cannot be acquired in this game.

As mentioned, have this as optional for all but personally I dislike seeing incomplete collections due to my choice not to play a separate game.


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